Why My Third Proposal Won My Heart

Yes you read that right, three proposals!  I won’t go into the first one too much (that’s a story for another time) because I was young, not in love, more in the friendship zone, and it lasted all about 5 seconds until I broke it off.

My second proposal, well that was a little different.  As I remember it, it was actually my soon to be stepson who actually asked the question for his dad.  My now husband.  Yup, my now husband was afraid to ask, so he had his son do the dirty work.  While it was the furthest thing from romantic, it was cute in its own way.  Domenic, 8 at the time, asked in his little tiny voice “if I would marry THEM?”  I think he even presented me with the ring.  Not how I ever pictured (or hoped) it to be, but it worked.  I said yes.  We (John and I – not Domenic and I) got married.  September 10, 2011 —  9/10/11 — a date I picked to help my husband be able to remember.

Since Domenic did do the dirty work in asking the big question and I did agree to marry them, I had a very special and secret part of our ceremony dedicated to Domenic and I.  I presented him with a necklace/dog-tag with a special inscription and said a few vows to him too.

wedding proposals
                                                                                        All smiles


wedding proposals
                                                                             To NOT a dry eye in the house


So here we are almost 7 years later, still married, and I was asked to get married again, by another man. 

And this proposal won my heart over all the others!


That other man was my first born, Travis.  With his big, extremely, blue eyes that can suck you in, in an instant. A smile that will fill your heart and feed your soul.  An attitude that is either the sweetest you’ve ever met or as defiant as a bull.  This little boy wants to marry me!  He asked me one morning in his sweetest voice, “you know I love you soooooo much, right mommy?”  I said of course I do, then proceeded to tell him that I loved him more.  He then said he wanted to be with me forever and asked the big question, “will you marry me mommy?”


My heart exploded with pure love.  His innocence and unconditional love is something I am forever grateful for.  For a split second my thoughts shifted to, oh good, I guess I’m not screwing this whole motherhood thing up.

Boys and their mothers do have an incredibly special bond. 

I will remind him of this proposal when the days come that all I do is embarrasses him.  Or when he would rather always be with his friends than his mom.  Or when he has a girlfriend, oh LORD I’m certainly not ready for those days.  Or when he has had a really bad day.  I will remind him.  This little boy of mine who adores me so much and thinks of me as his everything will grow.  He will grow into an amazing young man.  One with friends, responsibilities, significant others, work and so much more.  But I, his mommy, will always remind him of the days when I was his everything, because I will never forget!

I am extremely fortunate that I just might even get a forth proposal from my second born, Christopher.  It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m ready!





  1. Karen

    August 13, 2018 at 8:39 am

    Hat was a great story Beth! You were truly blessed with 3 not 2, incredible boys!

  2. Zooey

    August 24, 2018 at 5:59 am

    This made my day 🙂 You have a wonderful and sweet boy! When you hear something like this you forget about everything, your tiredness, all the difficulties and worries…
    It’s amazing how honest and sincere kids are. They just tell you what they think and what they have in their hearts. Thank God for this precious time!

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