Wedding Dress Traditions

Wedding dress traditions The wedding is over and sadly so is the honeymoon. Now to tie up all those loose ends from the big day. The wedding dress needs attention. But what do you do with it?

So many women bring it to be cleaned and then boxed away to probably never be opened again. Or there is some hope that maybe someday you will have a daughter who wants to somehow incorporate it into her big day. 

What about us boy moms?  

Asking a future daughter in law if she wants to some way make it a part of her day is a huge ask and quite frankly, one I wouldn’t suggest. 

I wanted to share my idea with you and maybe your wedding dress can live on a little longer too.

I decided to have my dress cut up!

Yup that’s right, cut into about 6 different pieces.  Knowing a great seamstress, I asked her to make two Christening gowns out of my dress.  

After searching online for what styles I liked.  Then brought all of the pictures to the seamstress, and was over joyed with the transformation.

The idea I had worked well for us, because my boys were only 15 months apart and I knew we were having another boy when Travis was just 8 months old.  We knew we wanted to have them Christened at the same time. 

Wedding dress made into a Christening gown

Christening gown made from wedding dress tradition
He looked like a precious angel.


I didn’t have a huge emotional connection with my wedding dress, so this decision was easy.  I treasure these Christening gowns way more than I ever would have my wedding dress.   

Hopefully someday, my boys (and their significant other’s) might want to use them as well, if they have children. I hope we have created a family tradition, that might hold up for a few generations. 

Wedding dress made into a Christening gown



Christening family wedding gown

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