Toy Fair VIP With Sony Pictures – Hotel Transylvania 3

Hotel Transylvania 3 is going to be a huge block buster film this summer.  One of my most memorable experiences at the Toy Fair was being treated like VIP with Sony Pictures.  Thanks to my friend Claudia Krusch from the Trendy Latina Blog  who can also be found on her podcast Trendy Talk.  She has done many projects with Sony and wanted me to check out all of the fun and exciting things they have coming out.

First I have to mention, when we went to go see the Peter Rabbit movie, we saw the preview for Hotel Transylvania 3.  My boys were laughing non-stop watching the trailer.  Truth be told, so was I.  In case you haven’t watched it yet, check it out:

Hotel Transylvania 3 – Summer Vacation


We were given full access (which not many were) to see more of the movie.  As well as all of the awesome swag and fun toys that will be hitting stores this spring.  I have a feeling I will be buying a ton of the toys, I just know my boys are going to go crazy over everything!  All of the details are still top secret, NO photos were allowed to be taken, so you will have to check back to see what is in store.  However, once I’m allowed to share, you bet I will!

We Were Spoiled!

We were given a guided tour, behind closed doors, to get the scoop.  They shared desserts, amazing chocolate cupcakes with raspberries on top.  They also had a superstar manicurist from NYC, Fleury Rose paint our nails to jive with the movie. 

You can follow her at:

IG – fleuryrosenails 

Twitter –

Hotel Transylvania 3
Hotel Transylvania 3

If you haven’t see Hotel T or Hotel T 2, you are missing out.  You have until July to get caught up.  Believe me you don’t want to miss this!  Here is the cast:

Adam Sandler  –  Andy Samberg  –  Selena Gomez  –  Asher Blinkoff  –  Kevin James  –  Steve Buscemi  –  David Spade  –  Keegan Michael Key  –  Fran Drescher  –  Molly Shannon  -and-  Mel Brooks  –

Talk about an A list cast!  



So a huge shout out to Claudia, Sony Pictures (Molly), The Toy Association and Jazwares, you really know how to make a girls day!  I hope you will make plans to get out and see #HotelT3 this summer!

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