Hot Toys That Are Winning Awards

Playing with all of the hot toys of the year is hard work, but someone’s got to do it.  This year was my first experience at the Toy Association’s annual Toy Fair, and it was amazing!  It is mind blowing just how many toy brands and toys can fit into 443,000 square feet of space in the middle of beautiful New York City.

I want to share with you a recap of the trends and award winning toys of the year.  Spoiler Alert!  To me, it feels like it is the year of the boy!

Toy Of The Year Awards:

For first time ever in the history of the toy fair, a doll marketed to boys, won the coveted TOTY- Doll of The Year Award.  His name is Wonder Crew Superhero Will!  He is adorable and has a few friends as well.  You can find him on adventures, rescues, and in the wilderness.  He and his friends Superhero James, Superhero Erik and Superhero Marco will allow everyone, boys and girls, to enjoy pretend play, build confidence and build emotional connections.  The Wonder Crew’s motto is: “Go anywhere.  Be anything.”  


I was so excited to get to meet the founder of this boundry breaking toy.  Her name is Laurel Wider.  She was so nice and very humble to have won the Doll of The Year Award.  Hot toy alert!  I know my boys “will” (pun intended) loves these little guys!  I will follow up and tell you what adventures my boys have been up to.  Fingers crossed I might even be able to offer a giveaway!!  Check back on this soon!

Gross, Seems To Be A Big Theme Among The Toys This Year:

 I can understand why these toys would be a hit with the boys.  Boys are gross, kinda… Well I mean they love boogers, poop, pee, dirt, bugs, ect.  Many toy brands are coming out with games, figurines, and anything you can think of with the idea of grossness!  I know my boys would love all of them.  Here are just a few that I know will be a hit in our house.

Gooie Louie – I mean who wouldn’t love to pick a long green booger from Louie nose?  The lucky one (or not so lucky) will even make his brain pop out.  We have this game at home and it is a hit.  Travis even tried to imitate Louie!

Hot toy
Gooey Louie Fan
Hot Toy kids games
Boogers Anyone?


Flush Force-

Playing with toilets is my little Christopher’s thing.  So when I saw these at the Toy Fair, I knew these would be a huge hot toy in our house and I’m sure with many others.  Here is just one example of the MANY times Christopher has had a blast playing in our toilet (which has since been replaced because he clogged it with a yogurt container). 

Toilet Troubles
Hot toy Toilet Toys
Flush Force









Hot Toy = Insects For Everyone!

Praying Mantis Egg Case-

hot toy Live Praying Mantis
Watch Praying Mantis Be born



Now truth be told, these little creatures along with the awesome ant farm and ladybug hatchery that Insect Lore company offers are pretty cool!  Even I love them.  Science at it best really.  Fun, interesting ways to learn all about insects.  I can’t wait to try these with the boys!


Hot Toys = Bodily Fluids and Sounds

Doo Doo and Toots

There are many hot toys that are all about #2.  Kids are obsessed with their bodies and what gross things come from them.  My boys are always trying to do the biggest “bum burp” that’s what they call it.  It’s so darn cute I wish they would always call it that but I’m sure it won’t.  Anyway, if you have a little one in your life that loves this kind of thing there are some pretty fun products on the market now and many more hitting shelves by this fall.  Goliath Games has a great variety in fun family games.   There are also coming out with a rated R line as well (they are hilarious and awesome). Definitely check out their website.

Hot toy Doggie doo game
Doggie Doo Game


Hot Toys Farting Game
Guess Who Tooted









There a are ton more products I will be updating you on, but I had to start with these because they’re too awesome not to!  Check out this clip from the Today Show who was at the Toy Fair as well:


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