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Back to school educational workbooks

Back to school time is upon us (thank you Jesus).

All summer I’ve taken time to work with the boys in hopes they don’t fall behind. We’ve been practicing site words and using these fun, interactive workbooks by TinkerActive Workbooks. When learning is fun, the kids love diving right in.

Each TinkerActive workbook includes:

Fun, age appropriate activities and experiments. Colorful pages and amazing illustrations. There are rewards, stickers and an answer key. Lots of animals, space, vehicles and shapes to peek everyone’s interests. Hundreds of curriculum based activities and activities that align with Common Core all created with the help of award winning teachers!

Our favorite activities:

TinkerActive educational workbooks for children

We have been doing a bunch of fun things in the kindergarten math and science books. Since Travis just entered first grade so we are working our way up to the first grade math workbook. The boys made fishing poles and tested the weight of different objects. We have made obstacle courses with everyday household items, to teach spatial awareness.

When I mention to the boys we are going to do an activity in the workbooks they are excited to jump into it. They never whine or complain because they really have fun working on the activities. I often give them guidance but they surprise me sometimes with just how much they already know. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence which I love seeing their smiles as they work. Mom and kid approved!

TinkerActive Workbooks Kindergarten
Travis is figuring out which pictures are living things and that need water to survive. Christopher is counting by tens and doing math.

You can purchase TinkerActive Workbooks anywhere books are sold. If you would like more information you can follow here:

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