This Is A Book All Moms Should Read

The advertisement for this book came across my Audible app.  I now know that my Audible app can read my mind and know just what I need.  I downloaded the audible version of Mommy Burnout, written by   Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

Moms really need to read this book

This Book Is Really Hitting Home

I’m only on chapter one, but I swear Dr. Ziegler (and her patients) are living my life.  This book has hit perfectly on so many of my emotions, stresses, lack of interest and guilt.  Always questioning my ability to parent, or if I’m just screwing everything up.  

If you feeling stressed out, irritable, and/or feeling like you’re not enjoying this journey like we are told we should be, then I recommend we read/listen to this together.  

I’m not sure what outcomes I can expect from Mommy Burnout  yet, but any chance of feeling just a bit less anxious I am willing to give it a shot!  I know so many of us feel this way.  We shouldn’t feel shame in admitting it!

If you’re a mom struggling, please feel free to reach out anytime and we can be “mom friends” like is recommended in this book!  😉

moms book
Suzy… Can we please get together?

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