The New York Auto Show and KIA

Auto IndustryI was lucky enough to be able to attend the New York International Auto Show a couple of weeks ago.  With my press badge in hand I was ready!  Ready to see, touch, smell and learn even more about all of Kia’s gorgeous vehicles.


Auto Industry Isn’t Just For Men!

Let’s first start this topic off by saying we all know men and women are very different.  Just like the old saying, men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  Well that’s true.  Therefore my reasons for attending the event might might different from a mans perspective.  It’s true, I wasn’t there to check out every vehicles motor.  I wasn’t there to hear about horsepower and torque, even though I love a fast car.  I also wasn’t there to try to wrap my mind around camshafts, dynamic ignition timing, heavy duty trolleys or manifolds.

I also wasn’t there to find out what shoes are the best to wear when “trying” to drive a car either.  Which was a direct question that a friend of mine received while there.  I guess I’ll excuse his ignorance, but obviously haven’t completely let it go just yet.  

I Was There For Brands Like KIA!

Kia has opened its arms and hearts and welcomed so many women into their brand.  From executive positions within the company to the amazing bloggers/influencers they hire.  You might have heard of this hot new car on the market called the Stinger…  I’m in love and still waiting to get behind the wheel of one of these beauties.  The design is hot.  The colors pop, and they are fast and will definitely have some heads turning.  Every detail, well thought out.  So much technology!  I love the Apple Play feature, front and rear collision warning system, UVO touchscreen display and the amazing Harman Kardon sound system.

Auto Industry

Auto Industry







Unfortunately the Stinger will not be the next car I purchase.  Having two booster seats in the back just isn’t practical.  When my boys are out of booster seats however, that is a whole other story!

What Kia Is Doing For Families:

Kia is making the Sedona so luxurious you just might never want to get out of it.  As a mom who currently needs a 7/8 passenger vehicle, the Sedona is awesome!  There seems to be an infinite amount of room.  The folding, sliding seats, can fit just about anything you might want to put in it.  Features like Apple Play, blind spot detection, rear cross traffic alert, tri-zone climate control, window shades, heated and cooling seats, heated steering wheel cup holders and USB’s galore.  This will be my next family vehicle.

Auto Industry

This probably won’t surprise you, but did you know that the majority of household vehicles purchased are the wife/moms final decision?   Why?  Happy wife happy life?  Maybe.  Or when we are car shopping  we look at all of the practical features that the vehicle offers.  We do the most driving back and forth with the kids and all of their stuff.  Moms usually look more into safety features, gas mileage, and if there is plenty of space for everyone for those long road trips.  I  personally need a vehicle where both of my children sit in the back but, are not able to touch each other.  Otherwise that long road trip just got a lot longer.   

Women love to have an interior that is comfortable and loaded with features.  Bonus features are sunroofs or even better dual sunroofs, and entertainment systems for the kids.  Moms spend so much of their time in their cars, they should feel a sense of luxury while driving.  Kia is doing all this!  If you haven’t made time to check out the all new Kia models, please do yourself a favor, go do it.  You won’t be disappointed, in fact you’ll probably be in awe.

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