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I was provided this product in exchange for my honest review.  As always the opinions are MY OWN.

Early in January, I posted on social about a great new technology product from Boogie Board called Blackboard. that was sent to me to review.  I really thought it was fun and very different than any of the technology product I regularly use.  As you know I am quite the lover and supporter of tech, and often use apps and devices as teaching tools for my boys.  So it was nice to see that Blackboard is really fantastic to practice their writing skills.  Practice.  Erase.  Practice.  Erase.  It is very simple and easy to use.  It is so nice to not have any wasted paper or mess.  Environmentally friendly and good for teaching!  I have found the Blackboard a lifesaver when it has come to long road trips!  The boys will (begrudgingly, they hate sharing) take turns using it to draw, scribble, and practice writing their names. 

Blackboard, where have you been my whole life?

About a week into my fun with the new product, my husband got a hold of my Blackboard, and described it as “cool.”  He’s using it for both work AND play.  He loves technology as much as I do.

Blackboard Technology
Hockey Drills

First off, he’s found it very handy in sketching out hockey plays for Domenic’s hockey team.  He’s complimented the product for its large size (I think it’s around 8 ½ x 11.)  Like me, he agrees that it is really easy to use.  Sketch a play.  Erase. Sketch a play.  Erase.  There’s a theme going on here.  He also likes that it is lightweight and study for easy carry-out on the ice.  This is important because other tablets, or tablet-like devices will smash to bits if dropped on a frozen slab of ice.  Although, I’ll admit that running a skate over the Blackboard would probably mean the end of your easy play-by-play electronic sketch pad for sure.


Another thing my husband said he is going to use the Blackboard for, is to step up his game as a contractor to show homeowners how they can improve their landscape design.  With its professional look, I definitely think Blackboard could really make him stand out from the crowd for sure in 2018.

Blackboard technology
A tech gadget everyone will love.






So all in all, Blackboard seems to be useful for several areas of our lives.  Unfortunately, this mama is in need of a replacement as mine has been confiscated in the name of “business.”  Not to worry through as the team at Boogie Board has promised to send me a replacement just for me.   

You can buy Blackboard for around $45 at Amazon, Barnes N’ Noble, Office Max, Staples, Office Depot, or directly from Boogie Board

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