Super Summer Family Adventures – LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston


LegoLand Discovery Center in Boston was so much fun for the boys and I.  I’ll share our favorite parts with you!

I have decided to do a blog series of great, fun places to check out all through New England with your family.  Some of the posts will be mostly for families with little ones, but there will also be others for the “teenager to threenager” stage. Each place we visit has been kind enough to host us.  However all of the opinions expressed are, as always, MY OWN.


This is the first post which will be featuring LEGOLAND® Discovery Center – Boston!


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston is a 44,000 square-foot indoor attraction featuring more than 3 million LEGO® bricks, geared toward children aged 3 to 10 and their families.  

Super Summer Adventures


As we first approached LegoLand Discovery Center we noticed the huge giraffe named Gio as we walked up.  He was so tall and looked amazing.  We later found out that his name has significance.  He was named after a little boy who fought hard to overcome a congenital heart defect.  He adored giraffes.  This Gio was made as a tribute for him after he passed away.  As sad as that is it makes me happy a cooperate company would make such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little boy, lost way too young.


Inside LegoLand Discovery Center:


Super Summer Adventures


We were greeted promptly by a very sweet young lady who guided us to the Lego Factory.  We watched a short video and searched for the special Lego pieces on the big screen.  It was fun and short so we quickly moved onto the next area.




Moving on, we went to the racetrack area.  This is where you can build any type of vehicle you can imagine and then race it down a racetrack or big ramp.  My boys loved doing this.  They quickly figured out that you can you just wheels and have your “vehicle” go super fast and win.  

Super Summer Adventures









Boston within LegoLand Discovery Center in Boston:

There were so many fun interactive things to see and do that really brought the Boston vibe into play.  So many iconic places, events and things that are a huge part of Boston’s history.  I especially loved Cheers!  Take a look:


The Rides at LegoLand Discovery Center – Boston:

Merlin’s Apprentice unfortunately was closed during our visit so we weren’t able to ride it.  However it looked like something my boys would have really liked.

Kingdom Quest we rode so many times I lost count.  A fun interactive ride, where you test your skills at shooting your laser gun to hit the targets and villains.  We all had a great time doing this.  Thankfully there were not many people there at the time so we could just ride it over and over again.

Lego Ninjago 4D movie be ready to expect the unexpected.  I will not give away the details because I don’t want to spoil it for you.  It is fun.  It reminded me of a Bug’s Life in Animal Kingdom, Disney.  


We spent about 3 hours there playing.  I expected it to be bigger than it really was.  Perfect for a half day adventure.  Inside there is a cafe but they didn’t have much to offer as far as lunch.  A few snacks and drinks but not a lot of variety.  Which was fine because the surrounding area outside of LegoLand Discovery Center has tons of little restaurants and shops.  I would have loved to spent a few hours just walking around the area checking everything out, but my little guys weren’t having it.

There was a large gift shop as well.  So of course you could buy some amazing Lego items on your way out.  Which was a life savor for me because the boys played with their things they picked out of the car ride home.

They also offer areas to host birthday and other kinds of parties.  The rooms looked fun and I’m sure any little one would love to have their birthday party there.






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