So Much Greatness In The 2019 GMC Sierra Denali

GMC is celebrating 20 years of the Denali

Back in September I was a part of a small group who were among the first to see and drive the all new 2019 GMC Sierra Denali.  These were production vehicles hot off the line from Detroit.  I had one delivered right to me at home and was able to fully experience it for the next five days.

GMC Sierra Denali truck. Automobiles four wheel drive

GMC was holding an intimate media event held at the beautiful Saratoga Springs Polo Association.  A gorgeous setting to learn all about these beautiful trucks.

GMC has come up with an amazing new feature, never used in any other car brand before.  And it is awesome!  You can get an option to have a Kicker Audio System put in the tailgate.  These speakers are loud.  They can connect by Bluetooth so you can play any kind of play list you might want.  Totally kick ass for any tailgate party!  Check this out:


You might have also noticed the tailgate itself looks different, well that’s because it is.  The new MultiPro Tailgate offer six functions and positions.  You can even make a second tier system, giving you even more space to load things in.  The tailgate goes so far down, like steps making it easy for anyone to get in and out.  My boys loved climbing in and out of the tailgate, and it was easy for them.


Aside from the tailgate here are some more of my favorite features:

1) A rear view mirror that isn’t just a mirror but it also connects to a rear camera, making seeing behind you crystal clear.  It takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s awesome.GMC Sierra Denali truck rear view mirror

2.  Space, space and more space

While in the front cab there is a ton of room.  You never feel cramped up while driving.  The backseat area is so spacious.  This can be a deal breaker for me.  I need to have a vehicle where I can have two booster seats in the back and the boys still can not touch each other and drive me crazy while I’m driving.  This Sierra has space!GMC Sierra Denali truck interior3) I love a great sound system in a vehicle.  When my kids aren’t with me I want to be able to blast a good song while driving.  This GMC Sierra has a beautiful Bose system that will not disappoint.

4) At first I was intimidated by driving a big truck, until I got behind the wheel.  What a smooth ride!  I actually caught myself checking the speedometer, thankfully I never got pulled over.  It does not feel like driving a big ‘ol truck.  Handles amazing, it isn’t bumpy or feel like you’re getting whiplash every time you hit a bump.  It is just a real comfortable ride.

5) This GMC Sierra Denali has tons of safety features that will protect you and your family.  

6) Cool tech features like, Apple Car Play, WiFi HotSpot, OnStar.

7) Extra features that just make driving more comfortable: Heated and cooling leather seats.  Heated steering wheel, tons of storage areas, plenty of USB connections and cup holders, and dual temperature control.

8) Amazing for towing.  Since we have two boats that we pull in and out of the water often during the summer months, the GMC Sierra has a ProGrade Trailering System.  Connects to an app to your phone and makes trailering so much easier than years past.  The V8 engine will have you shocked at how great this truck is on gas.  

So how much does the GMC Sierra Denali cost?

This model that I tested, loaded with all of the above options (except the Kicker tailgate option) sticker price is $67,200.00.  This vehicle is considered the Denali Ultimate Package.

The 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 standard vehicle price is $58,000.00.

The boys and I loved our time with this vehicle.  The only part we didn’t like, was having to give it back.  Check out this short video to see many of the features I loved about the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali:


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