Should I Send My Children Back To School? What We Need To Consider.

Should we be sending our children back to school within the next 30 days? Many schools are scheduled to reopen this month (August) or the start of next month. Years past we thought about the best school supplies. This year our choices carry so much more weight. This post will sum up my thoughts and let you know how we came up with the decision we made.

What Will School Look Like?

A simple answer, no one seems to have any idea or concrete answers. In our district the only definite we have heard about so far is ALL students will be wearing a mask, all day, even outside at recess.

The classrooms will not look at they usually do. A bit stripped down and possible plexi-glass separating students from one another.

Teachers and teachers aides wearing masks all day. Which I feel little ones might have a difficult time understanding without being able to see the body language that our mouths help give. I feel for the teachers because I do not like wearing a mask for even an hour at a time while I go grocery shopping.

We haven’t heard just yet how hot lunch will work for the students. Or whether they will eat at their desks or in smaller groups in the cafeteria. Speaking of desks, this is where most students will have to remain for almost the entire day of school.

Transportation to and from school also seems to be a huge obstacle for school districts.

Our Decision:

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So many thoughts, ideas and emotions go into these tough decisions.

We struggled with distance learning. Struggled, is putting it mildly. There is NO way we could go through that again. Sending them to school is the best option, but not with all of the uncertainty.

With lots of discussions between my husband and I, we have decided to home school for at least the first half of the year but possibly for the entire year. We have gone back and forth with our decision, changed our minds countless times, second guessed ourselves over and over. I don’t think any of our choices this year are good ones. I stressed immensely over making the wrong decision.

However, now that I have finally made a decision, I realize my decision will be the best one for us. Our motherly instincts will tell us what best for each of us and our circumstances. We all need to understand that every parent/caregiver had a life changing decision to make and it was NOT easy. I understand every family has different circumstances and only want what is best for their children. I will not judge!

Why Home Schooling Is Right For Us:

The unknown was really giving me anxiety. Not knowing if we started in person school, would someone get sick and then everyone shifts to distance learning. What would distance learning look like? Who would be my child’s teacher, would they be able to help guide us through all of this? Not knowing if my children could wears masks all day long, or what the curriculum expectations would be. Not having enough knowledge of this virus that the entire world has never experienced before. So far I haven’t been able to keep up with all of the conflicting information. Let’s face it, even the scientists have no idea because we humans have never been infected with Covid-19 before.

Here is what I do know:

  • If I keep them home, I know we won’t have to deal with masks unless we go out.
  • We will be in control of the curriculum, assignments and the pace of our school days.
  • I know I won’t have anxiety worrying if schools could shut down at a moments notice.
  • My husband and I will worry a little less about them getting sick or making others sick.
  • Finally just making the damn decision has allowed me to move forward with a solid plan.

I will be sending you all positive vibes while you are making your decisions. No judgement for whatever decision you make for YOUR family! Good luck to us all and 2020 can suck it.

Be kind to each other

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