Dinner Made Easy With The Ninja Cooking System With Auto-iQ

What’s for dinner?  Something I ask myself everyday!

I was given this product from the Shark/Ninja Company in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are MY OWN.


As a busy mom with little ones, I’m always looking for new, easy recipes to feed my family. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner it needs to be quick and yummy. 

A slow cooker has always been a great “go to” when I needed to make something without worrying and much effort.  However this new Ninja cooking system with AUTO-iQ is phenomenal!  It goes way beyond just a slow cooker. 

Thankfully it came with a cookbook (and instructions) so I could figure out all of its options.  It is capable of so much more than a slow cooker.   This Ninja can sear steaks, bake, steam, slow cook, and it has over 80+ pre-programmed recipes that you can cook perfectly because it is programmed into this appliance.  It is wonderful for many new dinner ideas and breakfast too!

What I made first, was a kid friendly dinner from the cookbook Ninja provided.  It was recipe number 23.  What the hack does number 23 mean?  Well it means, the recipe in the cookbook tells you everything you need to add to the cooking system and then you press the AUTO-iQ button, select #23 and boom, it cooks it at the right temperature and for the perfect amount of time.  No guessing, checking or burning!  It is so simple! 

Fresh Ingredients

The most difficult part of this dinner was slicing the peppers.  Once the peppers were sliced, I put everything together, in the cooking pot.  It was prepped, cooked and devoured all in about 40 minutes!   



Combined chicken, peppers, pineapples and sauce










All together it had 6 ingredients and was cooked to perfection and delicious!  I will be sharing more of the recipes this Ninja has to offer.  Quick, easy, family approved meals.

Sweet chicken and vegetables over rice

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