New Fun Show For Little's ~Top Wing~

When  Nickelodeon sends you an email asking you to get a sneak peek at a new show they are launching, the answer is yes, always YES!

They have created an adorable, fun, and educational, new show for little ones.  In my opinion I would say for ages ranging from 2-6.  The name of the show is Top Wing.

It features a team of determined young birds named, Brody, Penny, Rod and Swift.  Which ironically, my Christopher’s name was going to be Brody, but we changed our mind at the very last second.

This group of birds go on some fun and exciting adventures, all throughout Big Swirl Island!

While the story lines are geared to the preschool/kindergarten age group, they are built to help with understanding self-confidence, hard work, team work, and never giving up.  The show is filled with adorable songs, and really bright colorful characters.

The show immediately got the attention of my boys, and they have asked to watch it again and again.  You can find the show on the Nickelodeon/NickJr. channel on weekdays.  I have already set my DVR so we can watch anytime (hint, hint)!  I already know like some many of Nickelodeon’s children’s shows, this too, is going to be a home run!

Go check it out with your little!


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