New Disney Movies I'm Excited For!

What parent on earth doesn’t wait with excitement for a new Disney movie to come out?  I am so thrilled to go see these 3 movies when they come to theaters.  I’m sure there will be others, but right now, these are my “must sees”.

First: The Jungle Book coming out Friday April 15th.  Who cares that it is tax day when you can go see this movie.  Everything will be Hakuna Matata!  This movie looks awesome! Not one for my little ones, but Domenic, my husband and I will enjoy it, I’m sure!  Take a sneak peek:



Summer ~ June 17th: Finding Dory will be opening in theaters!  This animated movie the whole family will enjoy.  I know my toddlers will be glued to the screen, as they are when we watch Finding Nemo at home.  “Wait I remember something!”



Another movie being released is The BFG!  My husband and Domenic will be really into it too.  This movie surely takes your imagination for an amazing ride.  The wonders of the story lines as well as the productions that Disney continuously puts out never ceases to amaze me!  Keep in mind this is a Steven Spielberg movie.  Just AWESOME!  Check out the trailer to this movie.  Mark your calendars for July 1st!



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