My Dear Children With Love

To My Dear Children With Love:


You will never know how much you have taught me.  What you have given me and how much I will always treasure and love you forever. 

From the moment I found out about you, you showed me the greatest blessings life has to offer.  I felt nervous, excited and grateful to be your mommy.

You also made me  vulnerable.  

Questioning if I will be a great mom or mess everything up.  Opening my heart more to you than anyone before.  Would I be enough?  So many questions and worry about being the best mom you deserve.

You have taught me patience (I’m still learning everyday).

 Patience and understanding that this is all new for you too.  We will have tough days, amazing days, average days and some days will be so magical that we will make memories that will last a lifetime.  From the best to the worst days, I can’t wait to share them all with you.

You have given me so much to look forward to. 

Waking up everyday and seeing your precious little face and hearing your beautiful little voice.  Going to sleep at night with endless kisses and snuggles.  Oh and that laugh, a laugh that brings so much joy to my soul.  Your laugh can brighten the darkest days.  Our talks, chatting about anything and everything.  While reflecting on how big your getting makes me a little sad, the bigger you are getting and all your achieving has made me so proud and excited to see what’s next.

And of course, and most of all, love!

 You have taught me true love that has no limits or expectations.  While you can certainly bring me to the brink of going crazy, with one little look or grabbing for my hand, you have me wrapped around your little finger.  My love will never get old, it will only grow as you do.  I hope you will know how much I love you even on the days you are mad at me or don’t agree with my decisions for you.  I am your mother and making tough choices is a part of that responsibility.  Especially the ones you will not like or understand until you have become an adult yourself.  You’ll have lots of friends, but only one mom.  And that one mom loves you to infinity and beyond!



Mom loving her two boys, playing and having fun




  1. Pamela Frost

    October 4, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    This is so sweet momm! Love the picture with them and you!! I love capturing those moments with a camera. They are beautiful little boys!

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