Mom Hack – Organization For The Mess Under Your Kitchen Sink

If you are anything like me, clutter and mess drives you crazy.  Living with four boys seems to have its challenges when trying to keep things clean and organized.  I have not figured out the ways to get them to clean up after themselves or keep the house clean.  However, this simple little mom hack has brought me joy, even if only for a couple of days.

Organizing Mom hack
Hoarder in training.

This is how under my kitchen sink has looked for years.  Making me crazy every time I open the doors to get anything out from underneath.  Stuff falls out, spills, and seems to disappear from under here.

I think what has motivated me to get this under control is that I just recently subscribed to Grove Collaborative (I am not working with them – YET However they will give you some free items from using this link).  Having all of these amazing products, in beautiful packaging,  made me want to create a nicer space for them.   

This mom hack took less than 20 minutes and cost about $10

I purchase two plastic storage bins for $3.50 each.  One tension rod for $3.00.

Because I had so many nearly empty cleaning bottles, I spent a few minutes sorting through all of them.  I combined the ones I could and threw away the others that had barely anything left in them.  Therefore making it much easier to organize them into the baskets.  After doing this, I placed the baskets under the sink making them easier to get to. 

storage basket for cleaning products, mom hack


The tension rod was placed horizontally near the pipes under the sink.  This needs to be fit as tightly as possible to hold the weight of all of the cleaning bottles that will hang from it.

Under the kitchen sink organization. Mom hack
After picture. Much more organized and easier to find what you need.

Last step is to put the baskets back under the sink in a way that makes them fit and easily accessible.  Hang the spray bottles by the sprayer from the tension rod.  That’s it!  Simple and neat.

Hopefully this post will inspire you to just jump right into that next project you have been putting off.  Sometimes taking on a big (or small) organizing project can seem daunting,  Your best bet is to just start it.  Once you start, it will get done quicker than you anticipated.  Good luck on your next project!

organization for your home. Cleaning products mom hack








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