Mazda CX-5

I was fortunate enough to be able to drive the Mazda CX-5 for the 9 days we spent in Florida.

The very first thing I noticed was the color. The shade of blue, called Deep Crystal Blue Mica, was gorgeous, stunning actually.  The exterior is sleek, sporty, and fun.  The wheels at 19 inches are hot!img_6015

What I really needed was something practical for all five of us for the week.  Which for us, meant room for five, and plenty of trunk space.  Traveling with three kids, you tend to need a lot of stuff.  The black leather interior, and comfortable seats,  provided plenty of space for all of us.  It would be even more comfortable if we didn’t need to use two booster seats in the back, but it still worked out totally fine.

trunkmx5The trunk space is huge.  I was able to fit all $375.00 in groceries in it with no issues. We also had 2 strollers, backpacks, and many shopping bags in the trunk at any given time.  It has a power lift gate too.  Which is a must when you are a mom and always have your hands full!

I was really impressed with all of the safety features the CX-5 offered!  The very first feature I noticed was the Mph/odometer.  Not only do you have the original style, but you can see your speed, the speed limit, and any nearby stop signs illuminated in the drivers side windshield.  Very cool!  I was happy only I could see it, because there were times I didn’t realize how fast I was going because the vehicle just ran so smoothly.  I would have been getting scolded by my husband (who drives like a grandpa) many times.

I also noticed it had the lane departure warning option. Anytime I was close to either line in the road, the middle line, or breakdown line, the steering wheel would give a little vibration so you could adjust your position on the road.  The Mazda CX-5 also offers the rear backup camera, and signals a beep if anyone or anything is in your way of reversing.  The side mirrors also offered an orange light if anything was in your blind spot.  img_6047


img_5668Mazda also offers an AMAZING Bose stereo system!  This vehicle can boost the bass like crazy!  We were jamming out to the Disney Pandora station and it sounded AMAZING (haha)!  It has the option of Sirius XM Radio, Bluetooth capability, heated front seats and steering wheel.  A navigation system which is displayed on a 7″ full color screen.

We traveled a lot while in Florida.  We ventured to all of the Disney resorts on four different days.  The boys took an excursion to Gatorland.  Back and forth to many shopping plazas, dinners out, and sightseeing around Kissimmee & Orlando, all one just 1 tank of gas!  Now that was great!  More money for souvenirs 😃

Overall I loved the Mazda CX-5!  It was sporty, sleek, and very fun to drive.  It is a perfect crossover vehicle for a family of 5 or less.  Our 15 year old even gave his thumbs up of approval.  If you have or have had a 15 year old boy in your life, you know not much impresses them.  So this was big!

Mazda really does put the Zoom – Zoom into driving!



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