Life Lessons For Raising Good Humans

Teaching my boys life lessons early on has been a huge part of the way I parent.  Trying to teach them manners, being polite, caring and giving are so important to me and I hope to inspire them to have these values.  Small acts of kindness go a long way.

After Easter I needed to figure out what to do with the massive amount of candy they received.  They each had 5 chocolate bunnies, tons of chocolate eggs and endless jellybeans.  Too much!  Rather than throwing it away, I decided I could use it as a teachable moment and provide a wonderful life lesson. 

So I came up with the idea we would bring our goodies to an assisted living community. Thankfully for Facebook, once I put out my idea, I had someone local reach out and invite us to their facility.  I figured the residents would enjoy the visit and my boys would really get something out of it. 

When we arrived we took out our mini wagon filled with candy and made our way to the entrance. 

life lessons

We were immediately greeted at the door. The staff was so friendly and had the biggest smiles. A few of the residents met us quickly once they heard we had arrived. One with a Curious George book she wanted to read to the boys. Another person had a game for the boys. It was beyond sweet to see them make an effort for my boys when we were there for them. 

We all chatted for a few minutes. Travis introducing himself and Christopher and was sure to say how old they were. Both boys were happy to be there. Then we went into a common area to sit, chat, pass out candy and read that book. 


life lessons life lessons

That’s when Travis started getting grumpy. He didn’t want to be there anymore.  Christopher was having a wonderful time passing out the candy.  Both of their attitudes completely surprised me. I expected Travis to be the social butterfly and Christopher to be the grumpy one.  Just goes to show you never know how they’ll each react to new situations. 

Life lessons

life lessons








So after about 15 minutes or so, it was our time to leave.  We emptied our little wagon of candy and said our goodbyes.  As grumpy as Travis was, he told me he was sad that we didn’t get to read the Curious George book.  I reminded him how vocal he was in wanting to leave so we didn’t get a chance for that book.  When we got into the car the boys faces were lit up with excited and joy for the experience they just had.  What an amazing way to share  life lessons with them.  It was a great time!

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