Kindergarten Here We Come


Travis started kindergarten!

 I’m not so sure either of us was ready for this.

Simplay3 also provided me with this desk featured, in exchange for my open and honest review.  As always the opinions are MY OWN!


This is a big back to school year for us!

We have Domenic starting his junior year in high school. Travis starting kindergarten and Christopher officially starting preschool. Whoaaaa!

It’s been a bit crazy around here. Back to school shopping for clothes and shoes. Figuring out school supply lists. Packing school lunches and most importantly and the most difficult, gearing all the kids up for back to school. 

When you figure in the emotional piece of my first born starting kindergarten and my little guy starting preschool, I’m exhausted!

back to school
Christopher all smiles and ready for preschool!

If my two boys had their way, they would be with me every second of every day. Travis even said to me one night that he made a wish upon a star. He said he wished he could be with me forever and ever, always.  Oh man, this really got to me. Of course I told he we would be together forever and ever. Then he said in a little, sad voice, but not when I go to school.  So now I’m home schooling. No! Just kidding, they are attending public school. 

We started playing school a few weeks ago. 

Practicing writing our names, drawing pictures, and of course reading a ton of books.  I filled this awesome Simplay3 Desk with all kinds of goodies like, glue sticks, markers, construction paper and paint.  The boys absolutely love it!



One of my most favorite things about Simplay3 is how easy putting together all of their items are.  Quick, simple, big pieces that just snap together and you are ready to go.  I also love how durable Simplay3’s products are.  My boys can be rough and tough with their things and all of the Simplay3 items we own have held up great.

This desk is perfect for children ages 2 to 6/7.  The price point is awesome too, at $69.99 you Simplay can’t go wrong (see what I did there ;).  

Travis was excited and really nervous to start kindergarten and take the bus.  The night before school started we had a special night preparing for the big day.  I think I wore him out, because this is were he laid his pillow and blanket and fell asleep.  I thought it was adorable and had to get the camera!


We made it through our first week of school.  Well it was actually only 3 days, but we did it!  With only a few tears and so many more smiles, school has so far been a success!  Wishing your little ones (and you) a great school year ahead!

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