Italian Wedding Soup

It’s a cold day here in New England. We have been told to except snow today so I planned to make this soup for this cold winters day.

As I trekked to the grocery store with everyone else who needed their milk and bread.

For the ingredients I would need:

5 (32oz) College Inn bold chicken stock

2 lbs hamburger meat

2 lbs chicken breasts

8 ounces Acini di Pepe pasta

1 lb of carrots

1 celery bunch

1 large yellow onion

1 bunch of escarole

6 eggs

Salt and pepper

First I roll the hamburger into tiny meatballs and put back into the refrigerator until ready.

*I do not add seasoning to meatballs as I would for regular meatballs. Just use the hamburger alone and the flavors of all combined is enough.*

Then I clean, cut, and boil the chicken. I boil the chicken for about 5 minutes. Cut it into little pieces. It will finish fully cooking in the soup.

Take 6 eggs and hard boil them, then peel and cut into little pieces. I included the yolk as well, but that’s your preference.

Add all chicken broth to a large cooking pot.

Add in carrots, celery, and onions which have all been cut into small pieces into the broth. Bring to a boil.

Once boiling, add chicken and meatballs. Bring to a boil once more and then reduce heat to a simmer.

Cook the pasta in a separate pot, for 2 minutes less than the time calls for al dente.

Let simmer for about an hour. Then add eggs, chopped escarole, and cooked pasta. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Let simmer for another hour. Then enjoy!

This makes enough soup for a family of five to eat for two or three days.

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