International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day Is September 13, 2018!  


I am a huge chocolate fan!

Did you know that the chocolate industry is an 11 trillion+ dollar business.  I can’t say I was very surprised when I heard that stat.  

To celebrate International Chocolate Day my boys and I will be making some yummy desserts.  Since my favorite chocolate is milk chocolate that will be the theme of our treats!  

Chocolate Cupcakes:

Since they love cupcakes we will make some fun, milk chocolate cupcakes.  I am going to go to Target and pick up some decorations for the tops of the cupcakes, so the boys will enjoy decorating them.

Cupcakes for International Cupcake Day


Will Travel For Chocolate!

I can’t write a post about chocolate and not mention one of our most favorite places to visit.  Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.  Hershey Park itself, is a huge amusement park which has fun for all ages.  From rides, to a huge water park, and the most delicious chocolate treats, it will sure be a favorite place to visit with your family as well!

International Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a great gift to give as well. 

For teachers, bus drivers, women who are difficult to buy for, chocolate (and wine) will bring a smile to almost everyone.  There are those people that don’t like chocolate.  I know, crazy right.  You should not trust those people!  Just kidding, kind of!  

International chocolate day
I will be sharing some Hershey Kisses and Hershey Nuggets.

I hope you will find a way to celebrate International Chocolate Day tomorrow.  Use tomorrow a day to pay it forward.  Give someone a small gift of chocolate “just because” and you will be sharing a smile with someone.  It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, just a little something to let someone know you care.

So I hope you are able to indulge in a bit of chocolate today.  Enjoy and come follow me on Instagram 🙂


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