So Your Friend Is A Blogger, Now What?

Blogger:writer or group of writers’  who tells their own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and          often having  images and links to other websites. 

– definition

I’ve run into old friends now and then whether it be at the grocery store or kids event and it is always interesting to catch up with each other.  The normal questions get thrown back and forth. How have you been?  How are the kids?  So, what have you been up to?  Where are you working these days?

I explain I’ve been home with the kids and blogging.

Then comes the look.  A half tilted head, squinting eyes, a half smile and an expression of pure confusion. Then comes the question… “So what is that exactly?”

As I begin to explain, I sometimes get interrupted. “Oh I get it, you get a bunch of stuff for free!”

Me trying to explain, “well it’s not for free, I work for it.”

One of two things usually happens.  I get brushed off after I say I work for it or we part ways and she still has no idea what I do. 

As a blogger, here are a few things I would like to explain and the best ways to support your family or friends who might be (or want to be) a blogger. 

1) I do receive things without paying cash for them, however I have work to do once I receive any item.  

Bloggers review each product. Decided whether it is a good fit for them or their family and would others like it too. Then write a post online about the product. Including pros and cons, links and information on where to purchase the product. Possibly some history of the product as well. Then share it. Which brings my to my second point. 

2) A blogger might always seem to be distracted on their cell phones or computer.

We are often connected to our social media channels.  However we are not just scrolling through to see the latest drama. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are used in a whole different way. We are sharing our posts with others in hopes that our articles get read and shared. We check out our blogger friend’s posts and help them by sharing, liking and commenting.  Bloggers are studying Bloggers#’s and seeing what’s trending to get a new post idea. We are participating in groups to get new tips and tricks to gain understanding of  new algorithms and best ways to boost posts.  Sorting through all kinds of words to figure out which can bring us the best SEO for ranking.  Studying our analytics to find out who our audience is.  Measuring increases and decreases to our UMV (unique monthly visitors).  I think you get the point.  It is more technical than you probably ever thought.

social MediaWe are also answering emails. Emails that could be time sensitive and be a huge opportunity.  Which ironically sometimes end up in our “Promotions” folder.   We are editing photos. Cropping, enhancing, and trying to make our photos look just right.  We are writing a blog post because an awesome idea just popped into our heads or there is a deadline to meet. We are taking photos.  ALL. THE. TIME.   We could be tuning into another bloggers live post or even doing a live ourselves.  We are creating stories on Facebook and Instagram.  

The amount of work that needs to be done on a daily basis is tremendous to keep up with just the social media portion of our jobs. So please cut us some slack if you think we are always on our phones or laptops. 

3) We are creatives!

I usually wake up at least two – three times per night.  Mostly because my boys wake me up.  However once I’m up, I start thinking of all the great ideas I could turn into blog posts.  I have a notebook and pen beside my bed to jot down ideas.  I often take pictures of something I see because I feel that image as a story to tell.  This is not a 9-5 job.  Opportunities, ideas, and creativity can spark at any moment.  Often working around other jobs, family, children trying to find the time and balance to get everything accomplished.

Want To Be Supportive, But Don’t Know How? These Tips Will Help You! The Best Part Is, It Doesn’t Cost A Cent!

* Read Their Blog!  

Go onto their actual website, that that skillfully created.  They designed it, paid for it and want you to check out what they have to say.  For every person that visits their website, their page will rank better (just stay on the page for at least a minute or two.  You don’t want their bounce rate to go up). 

* Follow Them On All Of Their Social Media Channels

Follow Bloggers


* Like, Comment, Share & Retweet!Blogger

 This is HUGE!  Commenting on their blog posts and social media posts, helps bloggers SO MUCH!  Here is why:  This is a way to prove to brands and other people that blogger may be working with, that people are actually paying attention to the things they post.  In turn being offered more work.

Share Your Experiences!

Meaning… You read the bloggers post on the best place for a family weekend getaway.  This post made you try out this location.  Share this with the blogger!  We love to hear that our experience helped guide you in one way or another.  Then follow up after you have visited that place and share your opinions as well.  We LOVE this!


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