Holiday Cleaning = Easy With A Shark Vacuum

I was given this product from Shark in exchange for my honest opinion for this blog post.  As always, my opinions are MY OWN!

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time now, you might already know that I am a Shark lover.  Shark definitely has my brand loyalty.  Why?  Because, they are always forward thinking, using new technology in all of their products, most importantly, SHARK VACUUMS ARE PHENOMENAL AND CAN PICK UP ANY DIRT & GRIM MY FAMILY LAYS DOWN!

The holidays are upon us.  So aside from all of the shopping, cooking and wrapping, comes cleaning.  Whether you host the holidays at your home or not, cleaning the house seems to be a constant necessity.  I clean out the toys that my boys no longer play with.  I clean up and make room for all of those Christmas decoration, and of course the live Christmas tree and all of its tiny little needles.  My latest dilemma has been the boys taking all of the Styrofoam from my breakable decorations and turning it into tiny “snow flakes”, OMG those little, teeny, tiny pieces are everywhere!

The new — Shark® APEX DuoClean® 
Powered Lift-Away® Vacuum

is awesome!  I need to vacuum daily in order to keep up with my children, husband, and the three cats we have.  Three cats, uuugghhh!   The Shark has an amazing attachment that picks up the cat hair in one quick swipe.

One of the cats has decided to take aim at the Poinsettia we just bought.   Knocking it off of the fireplace mantel to spilling all over the floor.  Dirt everywhere!  The Shark cleaned it in one quick sweep.  And that “snow” I was talking about, it shoots right up the vacuum hose and doesn’t get stuck to it because of it static electricity.

One of my favorite features is being able to quickly and easily go from cleaning the living area which has carpet, to our kitchen which has hardwoods. Just one click, and the vacuum is picking up everything the boys have left behind. Cereal, popcorn, pancake mix, and everything else they seem to drop all over the floor.

After I originally posted this review, this happened…  Thank goodness for the Shark!!

I highly recommend this vacuum for busy families like ours.  It truly picks up more dirt, hair, and other gross stuff, than most other vacuums on the market.

The only con I found (possibly for some people) was that this model is heavier than some of the other models.  For myself this is great, it makes me have less guilt for once again, skipping the gym!

Buying a new vacuum is an investment and you need one built to last.  The Shark brand never disappoints!


  1. Bristles agitate and lift embedded debris from carpets, while aiding pickup on hard floors without scratching or damaging the floor.
  2. The soft brushroll compresses to pull in large particles and piles, while engaging directly with hard floors for a polished look.
  3. LED lights illuminate the work area, making it easy to spot stuck-on dust and hidden debris.
  4. The soft roll sealing system allows enough suction to clean effectively without hindering the push/pull of the vacuum
  5. Teeth redirect, intercept, or comb out hair to prevent it from wrapping around the soft brushroll.

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