Hershey Park

In yesterday’s post I talked all about Hershey Lodge and how awesome it is.  Today’s post will give you the details of Hershey Park the amusement park.

I was only able to take my two and three year old with me on this trip.  My husband and step son (14) had to stay home.  When people heard that I was taking them, almost everyone’s first question was- “Will there be stuff to do for the little ones?”

My answer before visiting was, I think so… Now I can tell you with certainty, absolutely!

Here are the top 7 reasons why Hershey Park is great even for little ones.

  1. They have an amazing selection of rides that they can go on themselves or with a grown up if they are nervous at first.  We never experienced a line for any of the kiddie rides.  In fact, my boys stayed on the same ride for about 10 turns in a row.  However I was visiting before their official summer opening.  After Memorial Day is when the park is open every day for longer hours.  I’m not sure if that will affect wait times.

2. They have an awesome water park.  I mean it is huge!  Tons of water slides for the big kids and adults, but so many areas where the little ones can have a ton of fun and not be nervous.  Splash areas, East Coast Waterworks, Sand Castle Cove, and Bay Side Pier.

International Chocolate Day

3. They offer healthy food options in the park.  Of course we splurged on some blue cotton candy, kettle corn, and frozen sugary drinks.  However for lunch we ordered carrot sticks with dip, a salad with a bunch of yummy toppings (you could pick what you wanted on your salad from about 25 items), and chicken nuggets. They also have a Subway, Chick-fil-A, and a Moe’s Southwest Grill.  If it’s junk food you crave, they will have everything you can imagine.  Popcorn, Whoopie Pies, ice cream, pretzels, Italian Ice, and even a S’mores cart!

4. The bathrooms were kept clean.  There is nothing worse than having to take your toddler to a bathroom that is completely disgusting.  Well the bathrooms that we used were kept clean and I saw someone in there working/cleaning every time we made a stop.

5. There were places to take a rest and get out of the sun.  The day we visited the park it was over 95 degrees.  As you can imagine, if you are in the constant sun, it could make for a miserable time.  However they had many shaded areas.  Many tables and benches spread out through the park.  We easily found cover when a brief shower rolled through.

6. You can rent strollers there.  They offer single or double strollers, for a fee.  The double was $17.00 to rent.  Now of course you can bring your own stroller, however because this was a longer road trip and I probably wouldn’t have wanted to try to fit my double stroller in the car, or lug it around, renting when we got to the park made the most sense. Oh and bonus, when we picked up our stroller and dropped it off, the young man working the counter was wiping the stroller down with Clorox wipes!

Hershey Park Chocolate

7. There are many photo opportunities with the Hershey Characters.  My little guys got a kick out of the life size Hershey Bar and Hershey Kiss walking around. They got so excited every time they spotted them.






So as you might guess, there are tons of things to do with the big kids, teenagers, and adults, but don’t think for a second that Hershey Park didn’t have the little ones in mind while building this amazing park.  Once the park officially opens (this weekend) you can see shows, concerts, and experience all of the water rides.  If you are brave enough you can check out there newest addition to the park, the

Hershey Triple TowerHershey Park

Plus they have two of the huge, old style, wooden roller coasters.  The kind you feel like your stomach has flown from your body.  Oh my favorite!  Everyone close to me knows that, I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!  The faster, higher, and scarier the better.  Most 15 year old boys will wimp out before I do.

Next time I will bring my husband to be with the boys on the little stuff (because that’s all he can handle), and my step son and I will conquer all of the adrenaline rushing rides!


Hershey Park


  1. LynDurante

    May 29, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    Now, I want to go there someday with my two daughters all the way from down under. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Real-Life-Mama-Drama

      May 30, 2017 at 5:26 am

      You’re from Australia? One place I need to visit in this lifetime. So many things to see and do there.

      1. LynDurante

        May 30, 2017 at 11:53 pm

        Our pleasure to welcome you here someday! All the best to you and your family! xox

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