Halloween Craft Ideas That Are Easy and Inexpensive

Who doesn’t love a cool DIY Halloween craft?  Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  I love everything fall.  The colors, smells, hay, and of course pumpkins and gourds.  

Witch Broomstick Halloween Craft

This year I decided to make three witch broomsticks to hang on all of my outside doors.

I got all of my supplies from Christmas Tree Shop and AC Moore.  The total cost to make all three was roughly $30.00.

I purchased these AMAZING cinnamon scented broomsticks at Christmas Tree Shop for $1.99 each.  The smell is phenomenal, assuming you like cinnamon.

Halloween Crafts
Purchased at Christmas Tree Shop for $1.99


Halloween Craft
Christmas Tree Shop for $2.49 each


Halloween Crafts

Tulle was purchased at AC Moore


Steps I Took:

First I cut the withes hats, and the legs with feet from the headbands they were attached to.  

Found the spot where I wanted to glue the hat and legs on, used hot glue, and presto those were on.

I then used my favorite crafting tool ever invented, the hot glue gun, and got to work.

Last step, I then took the green, orange, purple and black tulle and cut into random sized strips.  The length varied from 12″-18″.  I tied them all around the broomstick to make it appear as a skirt around the legs that were attached to the broomstick.

Halloween Craft Ideas

 Aside from shopping for everything, it took about 15 minutes to make.  Easy, very little mess and perfect for a Halloween craft idea to make with the kids.

The boys and I also made one without the witches hat and legs/shoes.  This one might be my favorite because of the simplicity of it.  We only used the tulle around the broomstick therefore giving it a totally different look. 


Halloween crafts

This Halloween craft was easy enough to have the boys help me with it.  They cut the tulle and picked the spots they wanted everything glued to.  I was the only one using the hot glue gun despite Travis pleading with me.  He said in a very loud, angry voice “mom… You know I’m 5 now right?”  Since he has turned 5, he basically knows everything about everything.  Silly me! 

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