Family Entertainment

Panda Movie


Coming to an IMAX theater near you.  For one week only, starting August 17th you can take your family to see this beautifully done documentary.  Kristen Bell (one of my favs) will be narrating the film.  Sure to melt your heart and feed your soul, this is a must see film.  I will definitely be taking the boys to go see this one.  I might bring some tissues just in case.



Disney’s Christopher Robin

Opening August 3rd in theaters everywhere.  This movie will surely bring back nostalgia from everyone’s childhood.  A sweet Pooh being reunited with Christopher Robin and of course the whole gang.  Adventures that will warm your heart.  I am so excited to bring my boys to see this film.


Hotel Transylvania 3 —

In case you haven’t heard, Friday July 13th Sony Pictures Entertainment will be releasing their third movie in the Hotel Transylvania series.  Eeekkkk I have been so excited for this one.  I was invited to an early pre-screening of the movie just this week.  Our reviews can not be released yet because of embargo.  But boy oh boy do I have things to share with you!  Check back soon for more details!


Incredibles 2 —

A Disney Pixar movie just released.  It has been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie was released.  

I recommend watching the first one as a refresher.  I have watched it about 57 times recently because the boys love it.  So I knew when it came out we had to go see it.  But don’t worry, I won’t share any spoilers here!  

What I will tell you is, to be ready to fall in love with Jack Jack.  This movie is action packed and full of thrills.  A great message and sure to be a favorite!