Pixel Eyeglasses for Working Eyes

This is a sponsored post. I was given compensation by Pixel – eyeglasses to write this review. The opinions are ALWAYS MY OWN.

The number of people work behind some kind of screen all day has never been higher. Whether it be a computer, cell phone or tablet, our eyes are susceptible to hours of damaging blue light. For me, blogging and being a social media manager, keeps my screen time at an all time high.

My eyes were straining by mid afternoon time. So I would often need a quick break to rub the eyes and blink a bunch to get my eyes focusing normally again. I had heard of blue light glasses before, but was thinking of the old school (ugly) shield like glasses, and there was no way I was going to be wearing anything like that! Pixel Eyeglasses are nothing like that!

Prescription eyeglasses Pixel brand

When Pixel reached out to me to check out their eyeglasses, I jumped at the opportunity.

After exploring the Pixel website, my biggest problem was deciding on which pair of eyeglasses to order. I wanted all of them! There are a few more I plan on ordering (Oryc, Aery and the Merca). The prices are very reasonable. This was my first time ordering glasses online and without trying them on. This did make me a bit nervous, but definitely thought it was worth checking out. Especially when I compared what I usually pay for a pair of glasses at one of those one hour places.

Thera (Rx) Champagne Crystal was the pair I chose!

So pretty and they fit perfectly. Which was one worry I had from ordering online without trying them on first. The quality of the frames and lenses is great too. Anti-reflective and scratch resistant. No starbursts at night while I’m driving. Very lightweight and comfortable.

I am hoping they are working on a sunglasses line. That would be amazing!

If you are thinking of purchasing a new pair of prescription or non prescription eyeglasses, I highly recommend purchasing through Pixel!

Go to their website to check out their prices and styles!


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