Dear Opioids,

Opioids: You hurt people, and hurt them bad. You turn lives upside with everyone you touch. You don’t discriminate who will be your next victim. Rich, poor, black, white, men, woman, boys and girls, they are all your target. And like a target you also hit all the rings surrounding the center.

To say I’m disgusted and despise you is putting it mildly.

Opioid Crisis

There are mothers who can no longer tuck their little ones into bed at night, giving them snuggles, kisses and promise to keep them safe. There are sons and daughters that will play a big game or have a great performance and can only wish to see a parent in the audience, but know they never will.

There are mothers and fathers that will never watch their child sleep peacefully again because they had to say goodbye that final day they were with you. There will not be college graduation parties, weddings to attend or special mother/son & father/daughter dance to be had. There will never be grandchildren to spoil. There will only be memories, clouded by sadness.

You are tearing families apart.

Sisters and brothers that no longer have relationships. Aunts against uncles and cousins who can’t be a part of anything that has to do with you. A family gathering is now non-existent. Children that are now being raised by other family members or even worse, strangers.

It’s because of you, that valuables are stolen, from strangers and family alike. People lock their doors now, when they never had to before in their lives. Medicine cabinets get raided, purses rummaged through and things get pawned all because of you. The ones you have this incredible power over, will hurt anyone in their way, just to be with you.

Mothers are up all hours just worrying:

wondering if today will be the last. When the phone rings or there is a knock on the door, it’s a sinking feeling. Every. Damn. Time. Always questioning if it is their fault or enabling because they want to “help.”

Opioids and family

Our friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and so on, will choose you over us. Even though we love them while you do everything in your power to destroy them. They still want you and will do anything for you.

Loved ones will not recognize the once charismatic, fun, and caring person who traded their light and sparkle to become a dark, hateful and numb stranger.


I want to see more people beat your ass. Realize all you have to offer is loneliness and despair. I want you to loose all of your power. Let it not be too late for one more mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband, wife or friend. I want you out of my life and everyone who has a loved one suffering.



A friend/family member of someone who have destroyed

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