Crazy8 Offers Fashion Forward Looks At Great Prices

I often shop online at Crazy8.  They has all of the fashion you need to #DareToSummer.  If you have little ones, or ever shop for little ones you’ll want to read this post.  I’m going to share why I love Crazy8!

This is a sponsored post.  I have received compensation for my honest review.  As always all opinions are MY OWN.


I need to start off by saying being a boy mom has its advantages.  One, is how much money I save on clothes.  If I would have had a daughter I can only imagine how much money would be spent on her wardrobe.  However Crazy8 offers many fashion forward looks for any fashionista or cool dude!

If you have ever shopped for boys online or in a store, you probably have noticed how the girls section is usually about double the size of the boys section.  More variety and more cuteness.  That is the first reason why I love Crazy8.  

Crazy8 has a great selection of girls and boys clothing.

Another reason why I shop at Crazy8 is the easy to mix and match tops and bottoms.  Stylish and great quality.  You can easily buy four or five pieces of clothing and mix them up to get ten to twelve different looks.

Reason number three, the accessories. 

Their selection of shoes, hats, sunglasses, socks, gloves and more you will have fun picking everything out.  Plus in the girls section they have hair accessories, jewelry, and everything else I already mentioned.  I have these comfy, slip on shoes for the boys and we all love them.Crazy8

Forth reason, adorable holiday selection.

No matter what the holiday, you can find that perfect look.  I have just ordered a few things for the 4th of July since that is one of the biggest holidays we celebrate in our house.


How adorable is this shirt? **LOVE** 

Reason number 5 —

Bathing suits!  Crazy8 has the cutest bathing suits for girls and boys.  My boys will be styling this year at the beach with these adorable prints.  Best part is their bathing suits also offer UV protection.  



















Final reason for my love for Crazy8, their prices. 

If you have never shopped at Crazy8, I highly suggest you do.  Once you have received their pieces in hand, you can see and feel the quality.  The quality in which costs very little.  Their prices are so affordable.  The sales they have are unbeatable.  They offer “Crazy Deals” which are just that.  Crazy great products for amazing prices.  They often offer free shipping and free shipping on any returns you might need to make.

Now is definitely a great time to shop Crazy8.  You can find their awesome summer collection which have all of the fashion you need to show off your kid’s individual style and how they #DareToSummer.









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