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Cape Cod is gorgeous during the summer months.  However you shouldn’t count out the fall, and spring months at Red Jacket Resorts.  They are equally as beautiful.

We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at the Red Jacket Beach Resort this summer.  They hosted my family and I, in return for an open, honest review.  As always my thoughts and opinions are MY OWN.

Red Jacket Resorts Has 5 Beautiful Options To Stay On  Cape Cod.

Red Jacket Beach Resort pool

We stayed at the Red Jacket Beach Resort – Cape Cod. 

Wonderful for families!  There is an indoor pool and spa.  There is also a beautiful outdoor area with a big pool, children’s pool, bar, huge canopy tented area and the beach.  On another side of the resort their is a large dock for fishing, which is also the perfect place to catch a beautiful sunset.

Sunset at the Red Jacket Resort Cape Cod

The Red Jacket is always finding fun ways to keep the kids entertained.  They had live animal/reptile show for us.  So educational and a ton of fun seeing the talking parrot, lizards and hedgehogs.  We were also lucky enough to catch a fun magic show.  The boys loved the magicians tricks.  He was comical so it was entertaining for both the kids and adults.

Activities for family Red Jacket Resort

Since we stayed at this resort, I can brag about the staff.  They were extremely friendly.  My boys even made friends with one of the members of the staff named Patrick.  Patrick went out of his way every single time he saw the boys to say hello, tell them a joke or a funny story.  My boys are still asking about when we are going back to visit Patrick!

Red Jacket Riviera & Blue Water Resort

The Riviera and Blue Water are right next door to each other.  They share a beautiful coastline and beach.  Just like all other the other resorts their properties are meticulously maintained.  While we were there the hydrangeas were in full bloom.  

Red Jacket Resort in Cape Cod on The Beach

Beach property flowers red jacket riviera resort







You will find peace and tranquility around every corner.  


They offer a great indoor pool and outdoor pools.  The outdoor pool is again, great for little ones.  Between all five resorts all, of the amenities can be enjoyed by all guests staying at any of the resorts.

Gorgeous pool at the Red Jacket Resort in Cape Cod
Beautiful walk in style pool. Great for little ones.


Red Jacket indoor pool area
Perfect indoor pool for a not so nice day


Blue Rock Resort:

If you are a golf lover this is the place for you to stay.  The quietness and beauty that this resort offers is breathtaking.  A smaller resort with less rooms makes for a perfect low key getaway.  There is an outdoor heated pool which you can enjoy as well.  Bike paths near by as well if you want to get out and bike around to see the scenery. 

Cape Cod Red Jacket

They have apartment style accommodations, as well as standard rooms.  This is the Red Jacket’s smallest resort with gorgeous surroundings.    

Green Harbor Resort:

This resort is close to Hyannis. The types of rooms they offer here at Green Harbor will surely suit anyone’s needs.  From gorgeous townhouses to standard rooms you will not be disappointed.  Many of the Green Harbor rooms have the most amazing views!  You can fish and also pick seasonal vegetables right from their garden on site.  Pretty amazing how impeccable the grounds are kept.  This resort is great for family gatherings or larger parties wanting to vacation together, but still get their own space.

Playground Red Jacket Resort Vacation Cape Cod

Cape Cod Red Jacket Green Harbor

Here in New England the summers are so short.  I wish we could bottle up all of the amazing things to see and do and them all year round.  At least Red Jacket Resorts on the Cape has you covered for 3 of the seasons.  Spring, summer and fall.  Their sister resorts up north in New Hampshire offers amazing family fun in the winter as well as every other season.  The Red Jacket Mountain View Resort and Fox Ridge will have some great things going on this winter.  Be sure to look into their Stress Free Thanksgiving holiday plans and their Journey To The North Pole with Santa.  They are always thinking with families in mind, which is why I love them!

Again just as a reminder from my last post, call a Red Jacket Representative about booking.  They guarantee the lowest prices and you can chat directly to someone who really knows each resort and point you in the right direction of what exactly you are looking for.  

Cape Cod Resorts: 1-800-227-3263

North Conway Resorts: 1-800-752-2538






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