Candy-Less Easter Baskets

How to make fun, creative Easter baskets with less candy, and on a budget.


Since I’ve spent roughly 15 years in the dental world (orthodontics) I’m very conscientious about how much candy my boys get for Easter.  They do get some candy, just not a lot.

I would rather add things such as arts and crafts supplies , stickers, temporary tattoos, and little toys/games. I will say, I don’t go over board, I don’t want them to think it’s like Christmas. 

Here are some of the items I will be using in their baskets. For full disclosure, I did receive some of these products for review. My thoughts and opinions are as always MY OWN. 



Adding a fun game to their Easter basket is always a great idea.  It takes up a lot of room in the basket making it look full.  I try to pick one that I know they have been wanting or one that might fit an Easter theme one with a price point of $20 or less.  When choosing a game, please make sure it is age appropriate.  This year I chose:

Easter Basket ideas


Easter basket ideas

Goliath Games –

Is the company that produces these games.  They retail for about $16.00.  Which fits perfectly into my budget as I try to keep each Easter basket around $50.00 or less.  

Easter Baskets


-is a company that makes all of these fun creative things for children.  Included here are some Peep stickers that are actually scented.  Easy, not messy paint pages.  Temporary tattoos, stickers and other Easter basketscratch off activities.  I know my boys will love these.  Savvi also holds many licences to different brands like Disney characters, My Little Pony, Marvel and many more.




I also like to include books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and Matchbox cars.


I haven’t sprinkled in the candy yet to the Easter basket, however this gives you a good idea what their baskets will look like on Easter morning.  I always hide the kids baskets, and we give “Hot & Cold” hints as they are trying to fine their baskets.  People do all sorts of things with their Easter baskets.  I would love to hear what some of you do.  Leave a comment below!

Easter Basket





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