Blogger Bash 

If this is really work, then I have died and gone to heaven!

I was able to attend an invite only event in NYC this month, and what a fun event it was!

I took the 5:30am train out of Providence and headed to the city. After about a 3 1/2 ride, I arrived at my destination, Penn Station. I then took an Uber over to Pier 60 of the Chelsea Piers for the welcoming event. 

Armitron watches sponsored this event and it was spectacular.  Armitron had their beautiful watches displayed everywhere. Each tables centerpiece was a display of four gorgeous pieces. 

Then they had six beautiful, successful ladies as the guest speakers. Turning Passion Into Adventure was really inspiring. 

Then as a surprise to everyone there, the owner of Armitron, Barbara W. was so extremely generous and gave away every centerpiece to one lucky winner at each table. I didn’t win, however still found it amazingly generous and super fun!

Then came Babypalooza. So many awesome things for babies and little ones. This is where I found two of my new favorite brands!

Re-Play!  A gorgeous line of recycled tableware for little ones!

I haven’t had a minute yet to order from them, but it is top on my list!  I will also be hoping to feature them on my blog, and fingers crossed, a giveaway for one of you!

The second company I loved was Oilogic. An essential oil company that has taken the guess work out of oil blends for children.  I have loved using oils for a while now but never felt confident blending them myself.  Problem solved!

Then later on that afternoon I attended Blogger Bash – Sweet Suite!  This event was amazing, beautiful, and full of amazing brands!  I was able to get the insiders scoop of the new hot toys coming out for the holidays. Did I mention how fun this event was?  So fun!  I was able to play with many of my kids favorite toys and even some of mine from when I was a kid. 

Simplay3 is a new brand that is up and coming. So many fun multi-use toys! They have included some useful products for home as well. Be on the lookout in stores and online!  Such cool products at great prices!
Then on to day two.  A breakfast hosted by The Toy Association.  We met with some pretty amazing people. They discussed the importance of toy safety and strict guidelines that are put into place to keep toys safe for all children.  The Toy Association is a nonprofit organization representing all businesses that design, produce, license, and deliver toys and youth entertainment products for kids of all ages. I should mention we were each given a pretty cool swag bag!

Our Final event was the Stuff For Moms & Dads Event. 

A fun 21+ event which showcased brands that make the parents smile.  

One of my favorites was the Litter Robot. This is something I totally need to get for my house!

Other favorites were:

Singing Machine Co. Karaoke machines for children and adults!  There were at least three great items I need to have on my list for the boys for Christmas. 

TouchPoint Solutions – Are wristbands that use a simple patent-pending neuroscientific vibration that overrides the body’s fight or flight response to help one to sleep, relieve stress or anxiety. The brainchild of two moms; one a neuropsychologist and the other a child advocate, the wearable applies a well-documented and clinically used BLAST (Bilateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology that has also been proven to be beneficial for autistic children.

What an amazing event Blogger Bash was and I’m very excited to be a part of next years event!  Thank you so much Blogger Bash for having me, it was truly a blast!

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