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Recently I have been following a fellow blogger and Rhode Islander on her journey to educate others on #BeTheMatch.

She is inspiring and tough as nails. She’s a mom, wife, daughter and friend. She’s smart, witty, beautiful, determined and gracious. And if she ever actually reads this would probably be blushing and shrugging off all of these things I’ve said about her.

Another inspiring attribute is she’s a fighter and advocate for herself and others. She’s been battling cancer. While in her own fight, she had made it her mission to inform others about becoming a bone marrow donor.

The shortage of donors is devastating, especially for minorities.

Unfortunately many people will go without ever finding a match and others might be lucky enough to have one or two but unexpected issues can come up. For example Jennifer has had two possible matches for herself. The first match decided they didn’t want to go through the procedure. I have strong feelings about this but I will just keep those to myself. She was lucky enough to have a second match. Inevitably given the news no one wants to hear. That donor was ready and willing to donate, but learned something through the process where he could no longer be a donor. Devastating right?

See A Clip Of Jennifer’s Story Here:

Well of course Jennifer has gone through the gamete of emotions, who wouldn’t. She is much stronger than I am. She has stayed positive and has only worked harder to get the word out about the lack of donors there are in the system.

Be The Match cancer donor
Help Save A Life

She has motivated me and many others to get out there and submit our DNA to see if we could save a life, even if we will not be her match.

So please if you fit within the donor guidelines, I would love to see you and others join in this extremely important health crisis. You just never know when you could Be The Match or know someone who needs a match.

Here are some helpful links for you to Be The Match:

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