I have recently been given some awesome products to try from Babyganics.  I am already a user of Babyganics products (sunscreen, vapor bath, bubble bath, and night time bath wash).  However the company wanted me to try out a few other items.  They sent some conditioning shampoo, eczema cream, dish & bottle soap, and wipes.

Just a quick re-cap, I blogged recently about how much I love their sunblock and why the ingredients they use are so important.  You can see that again; in my Hooray For Sunblock Blog–

I am using the eczema cream right now on my little guy, Christopher.  He has a patch of eczema on each upper arm area and a little on his cheeks.  I was using another brands eczema cream, we did not see a difference in the few weeks we used it.  I received a prescription from his doctor of ointment to use twice a day.  I don’t love having to use such a strong formula, especially on his face.  I was using it and wasn’t seeing much of a difference.  It has been 5 days of using the Babyganics brand (2x a day) and we are beginning to see a change.  It is not gone, yet.  However only being 5 days I am pretty impressed by the results so far!

This past week Christopher has had a little cold too.  Coughing, and lots of boogers.  I give him a vapor bath right before bed to help him get some relief and breathe.  Truth be told I have used it to in the shower when I’ve been congested.

Yesterday I bought two new tubes (rub on) of the sunblock (I saw online they also offer a squirt bottle sunblock, which i will be getting).  One for home and one to send to school with Travis.  I noticed at Babies R Us, every Babyganics products were on sale, buy one get one 50% off.  This sale is running through the month of April.  So stock up now and save!





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