Attention Cell Phone Users – Why You Need A Monet

Have you heard of the new product called Monet?  If you have a cell phone, and who doesn’t, this is a true game changer!

I was given product/payment in exchange for my honest review.  As usual all of the opinions are MY OWN!

With today’s cell phone price averaging approximately $900, why protecting it is so important. 

I fumble with mine daily.  Trying to take selfies with me and the boys, attempting to get a perfect shot of them while running on the beach, and while taking walks around the neighborhood, I want it protected, useful, and to be easy to handle.  The Monet can do all of that.



Using the Monet is Easy!

The grip slides back and forth to create a loop which will easily loop around your finger and create a safe way to hold your phone.  That loop also lays flat which I think is awesome because I can still fit my phone in my pocket without it catching on something.  Being able to be flat also allows me to still connect it to my hands free device and selfie stick.  All without worry that a big round bump on the back is going to push it off.  And, have you ever gotten a Pop Socket Charlie Horse (that’s what I call it anyway)?  When your hand cramps up and feels like a huge, painful Charlie Horse is crippling your hand, well say good bye to those with a Monet.

Even More Perks With The Monet! 

First, it is compatible with all cell phones, well okay not all, if you are still using a flip phone, sorry this isn’t for you.  Lol


Second, it can hold your ID and debit/credit cards for when your going out and don’t want to carry a handbag.  I wish this was around back in the day for when I was going out in da club.  However now that my clubbing days are over, it is still great for zoo days, going to an amusement park or that walk around the neighborhood.  Awesome for the gym and so convenient for vacations.  Perfect for on the go!  The Monet is also available in 30 different colors.  Sure to fit with anyone’s style.


Also, that loop I talked about earlier, can be used as a “kickstand” for your phone.  Great for Face timing, watching videos and just scrolling through your phone. 
Aside from myself really liking the Monet, there are a few other people loving it too.  Justin Timberlake and remember the “selfie boy” from the Super Bowl, yup they are loving it!
Justin Timberlake with “Selfie Boy”



Stephanie Shepard



Please go check out the Monet website.  The price for a Monet is about $20. 
$20 is way cheaper than replacing the screen on your cell phone or having to buy a new phone.
Also available on Amazon.
Be sure to follow them on social media too.  After you purchase your Monet be sure to tag them in a photo using the #selfiebetter hashtag!
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