A Toothbrush That Your Little Ones Will Fight Over

Is it tough sometimes to get your little ones motivated to brush their teeth?  My two little guys can go either way.  They are either super excited to go and brush or it becomes a fight for me to get them in the bathroom.

I was recently given the an ultrasonic toothbrush for myself to review and give my honest opinion.  Thank you Smile Brilliant! 

Smile Brilliant is quickly becoming a great one stop website to get all of your oral health care needs.  They also have teeth whitening!!!!!  I love whitening my teeth!  From drinking iced coffee and Coca-Cola my teeth definitely get a slightly darker color.  A shade I don’t like one bit, so I whiten them.  I hope to try Smile Brilliant’s whitening system next.  I’ll keep you updated if I do. 

Back to the toothbrush…  The problem is, you won’t find my honest review here, and that’s because my boys stole it and started using it before I even got a chance to try it.  It came with two brush heads which I was told “is perfect for me and my brother!”  

For those of you who may not know, I have been in the dental field for about 15 years.  So I am very much aware and an advocate for happy, healthy smiles.  As a mom, I also know you can’t always get your children to understand these things.  That is why I am always open to trying new technology to get my little ones to cooperate.

Why The Boys Love This Toothbrush:

Because the toothbrush “makes noise and tickles”!  They say they really like how their teeth are sparkly after brushing with it. Plus they race to get to see who gets to use it first!  As a mom, I call that a win!  

The toothbrush offers different settings such as, cleaning mode, whitening, massage, sensitive and gum care.  It motions and speeds change depending on what mode you are using it on.  

I will say my boys like it on the whitening mode because the toothbrush will shake their toothpaste off and fly everywhere.  They think it is hysterical.  To be honest with their old toothbrush they made quite a mess as well.  But hey, if their teeth are getting clean, that’s a win in my book!

Which Model Should You Purchase?

The one we were provided only came with two brush heads (different colored bottoms so you know who’s is who’s).  They also sell extra heads on their website.  However, for a family with more than two people in the household I would recommend the cariPRO Couples Package, for $199.00.

This cariPRO toothbrush is great for children and adults.  Also great for people with braces!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your teeth extra clean when you have braces on!  So go check out their website at:


They are offering my followers (that’s you) a 20% off code as well!  Click here for more about that:  https://www.smilebrilliant.com/gb/reallifemamadrama

Look at me mom! My teeth are getting all sparkly!

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