7 Places I Would Love To Travel To This Year

I’m putting this out into the universe! I love to travel!  Seeing new places, and being able to take a break from our everyday lives.  I would love to get to visit these fun places with my family these are some great picks if you are looking for a great family vacation this year too.

Family travel can sometimes be difficult, stressful and expensive. However, making memories that will last a lifetime and that is what matters most.

These picks are in no particular order because they are all amazing and I will jump at the opportunity to make any of these happen.


Hershey Park — As you may have read in another post of mine, Hershey Park and Hershey Lodge has won my boys hearts.  They love the “chocolate hotel” and even suggested we should go there for my birthday which is coming up.  There are so many things we loved about this resort and area attractions.  Perfect for families and not only is it a ton of fun, but extremely educational too.

Red Jacket Resorts — As you may have read on the blog before, our favorite spot in New Hampshire is the Red Jacket Inn Mountain View Resort. However what you may not know is that the Red Jacket also has resorts in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  This would be a great road trip for us.  We live less than two hours from the Cape.  Their locations are right on the beach and super kid friendly.  Beaches, golf courses and spas sounds just perfect to me.

NickelodeonNickelodeon Resort Punta Cana –– Aaahhhh the sights and sounds of the Dominican.  Beach vacations are my absolute favorite.  This all-inclusive resort looks amazing.  Characters and slime that the kids will love, and a spa, gourmet dinner and fancy adult beverages, that mom & dad will love.  The pools looks beautiful and the rooms look amazing!  It is fairly new, it has only been open for about a year and a half now.  

Beaches Resorts — The ultimate in family vacations.  They make getting away perfect for everyone, every age in the family.  Another all-inclusive, because knowing you don’t need your wallet once you arrive, is a wonderful feeling.  Of course there are some things that there will be extra charges for, but really for no extra money than what it cost you to book it, you can have an amazing family vacation.  Beaches has resorts in Turks & Caicos, Negril- Jamaica, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  I’m not picky, I would love to visit any all of them!


Disney Resort — We have gone to Disney World already, however we have never stayedmickey mouse on a Disney Resort property.  We also haven’t visited Disney Land in California.  We can really get enough Disney.  My boys absolutely LOVE Disney World and would go as often as we could.  Enjoying the beautiful weather, the characters, dining, and pure magic that Disney has to offer.  It would be amazing if we could make this a yearly tradition.

MexicoMexico — I have visited Mexico four times already, but never with my children.  I know they would absolutely love it.  They enjoy the beach as much as I do and they could swim their little hearts out all day long.  The music, culture, and food are just some of the reasons why I keep going back.  Most resorts are all inclusive and include a wide variety in food, and activities.

Watch this quick clip of the entertainment provided at the last resort we stayed at:

Cruise — I have NEVER been on a cruise.  There I said it!  I know it seems crazy, but the cruiseopportunity has never come up and I always thought I would spend more on alcohol than what the actual trip cost.  I also was always against having to be on a schedule while on vacation.  The less I need to know what time it is, the better.  However cruise lines have come so far.  Many now include all food and drinks.  Many give you a lot more flexibility than ever before.  I love that!

From what I have hear these are among the best family cruise lines:

Disney Cruise Lines

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Royal Caribbean

Carnival Cruise Lines

Traveling with little ones isn’t easy, but I will share some tips and tricks to plan for the unexpected and to be prepared as best you can.  Be sure to check back for my next post on what essentials to pack in your carry on bag when traveling with little ones.

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