5 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Website

5 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

As of June 2018, there are nearly 4 billion Internet users in the world – the question is, how to get the largest percentage of them to view your site, among the over 1.8 billion that are out there?

Great Content That’s SEO Optimized

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It’s not enough to create great content and just hope that viewers discover it. SEO optimization is a must, but at the same time, going overboard with keywords can hurt traffic and leave readers uninspired and unlikely to return. That’s why the use of SEO consulting services can make a significant difference in boosting traffic to your site. The majority of search engine users are more likely to click on the top results, which means the higher your site ranks the better. There are many things that most people don’t think about when developing content, like the image alt text, meta descriptions and creating internal links. A professional can help ensure your website takes advantage of every opportunity out there.

Good Headlines are a Must

Your headlines are what will boost traffic and viewers to your website, which means they’re one of the most important parts of your content. Research to learn more about mastering the art of writing headlines and it will go a long way to boosting traffic to your site.

Vary Your Content

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While there is no one right answer as to how long your content should be – some experts say no more than 500 words, others 800 and still others 1,000 or even more, but there just isn’t a magic formula for success. Try varying the length as well as the type of formatting you use to appeal to different kinds of viewers. You may want to write some short news-driven blog posts in between more long-form content. Using videos, lots of photos and/or infographics can help maximize impact.

Take Advantage of Social Media

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In addition to utilizing SEO optimization to help users find your content, and to boost traffic to your website, you need to be proactive by using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  It’s a must not only to be present, but to take advantage of it by referring people to your site when they ask questions – for example, if someone asks if `you offer a particular service or product, refer them to the link on your service or product page.

Use calls to action too – for example, when someone interacts with one of your profiles, let them know where they should go next by using a call to action, such as “share on Twitter” or “comment below” after asking readers what they think about a certain topic. Follow your customers and potential customers, interacting with them in a variety of ways, not just selling to them. Give advice that positions you as the expert they’ll want to turn to when they need help.


While advertising may be obvious, many avoid it hoping to save money, but it often pays off, meaning that you may earn more by advertising than you’ll spend. There are a variety of opportunities, from display ads to social media advertising that can help you build your brand. Research all the options and think carefully about your objectives before spending for the best chances of a good return.

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