3 Fun Ideas To Keep The Kids Cool and Busy This Summer.

Summer time fun ideas. This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated by Zuru Toys/Walmart to give my honest opinion of the product mentioned in this post. As always my opinions are MY OWN.

No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers dirty looks… I remember singing that song many years on the school bus, riding home on the last day of the school year. What a feeling of freedom that day brought!

Now as a mom my song goes a little like this: No more schedules, no more homework, no more packing late night lunches… There are so many things to look forward to when summer break finally arrives, but hearing “I’m bored” is NOT one of them.

We try to incorporate a couple family getaways over the summer, but when we are home, I want to keep the kids busy. So I wanted to put together a little post of 3 easy, inexpensive and fun things to try out this summer with your little ones. It is important to stay cool during these hot months so these activities will all include water play!

1. Water Balloons

Kids LOVE water balloons! We have incorporated a few ways to play with them besides a good old water balloon fight. We only use Zuru Toys brand water balloons, Bunch O Balloons, you can find them right at any Walmart near you. They are easy to fill, biodegradable, and have lots of color choices.

5 ways to have summer time fun
Zuru Toys – Bunch O Balloons

We will often fill up a few packages of Bunch O Balloons and put them all on our trampoline. It is fun to watch the kids bounce and try to pop them. A single package will last a while on the trampoline, because they do not break as easily.

Another fun thing we do with the water balloons is balloon catching. I will give the boys a bucket. One person tosses the balloons to the other, who is holding a bucket on their head, trying to catch each balloon that is tossed. I will set a timer and at the end of 2-3 minutes we will check and see how many they caught and broke into the bucket. Always trying to beat their highest score. They have a great time and keeps them giggling the entire time.

Sitting in a bucket of Bunch O Balloons. Well because, why not?

2. Sprinkler Time

Yes an old school (or the fun new blow up kind) sprinkler, will bring many laughs and cool them off. Playing in the sprinkler is a big part of my summer memories. My boys will not only run through it, but they have car washes. They bring their bikes and ride on toys through the water and pretend that they are at the car wash. They will also set up the sprinkler up near their swing set, and turn their slide into a water slide.

3. Car Wash

This time I mean an actually car wash, at home, with a bucket of soap/water and the hose. My boys get so excited if I bring out a bucket of soap and water to wash my car. They love spraying the car with the hose, getting the sponges full of soap and squishing them onto the car. It usually ends in everyone getting very soapy and wet. A win if you ask me, everyone is cooled off, having fun and my car is getting cleaned.

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